Iron Horse Carriages

Classic Wedding Cars

At Iron Horse Carriages we provide experience, luxury and affordability to you: YES we support all forms of marriage.

  • Experience - All our Chauffeurs have over 25 years of professional experience in the duties required for chauffeuring royalty and heads of state. This service is now available to you. To know a little more about what you can expect from our chauffeurs please read our blog.

  • Luxury - Our cars are of the highest quality and standard. All are fully equipped with luxurious interiors and have been lovingly restored to their original glory. They feature scrolling steel lines, sumptuous leather and polished timber trim, all designed for the passengers riding pleasure and comfort.

  • Affordable - Because we have personally restored and maintain our cars we can offer you the ultimate luxury at an affordable and competitive price. This level of care also allows us to cater to your particular requirements on your special day.